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Movie with dobermans bank robbery Wants Horny People

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Movie with dobermans bank robbery

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Eddie then scopes out a small-town bank and, using a camera hidden in a fake arm cast, takes photographs of its interior. Was this review helpful to you?

Edgar grabs the pack robbrey whistles and runs off. It's almost a Disney film, with its love of animals and twangy, country-western score, except for the implied sex out of wedlock, blood from the Dobies savaging people upon command and, oh yeah, the fact that a bunch of crooks are the heroes of the movie. Barney begins While this plot could have easily bznk belonged to a terrible made-for-Hallmark Channel movie, the film manages to escape from its logline and become something special.

Hitting on a plan, Eddie poses robbert a magazine writer and seeks out Barney Greer, a young Air Force officer and Vietnam veteran who trains dogs for combat duty. See this film! The trouble is that his plans often go awry.

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It's essentially a heist film with an amazing hook - a gang of dogs are trained to rob a bank. So he hires a dog trainer and buys a bunch of Doberman Pinschers to execute a bank robbery.

Bank robbery, of course, is never an easy thing, but the central joy of the Doberman Gang is that it's meant to look like it's nothing when planned to dobermas T. Although Eddie tries to reassure him, Barney grows suspicious and questions June about the true nature of the operation. There's a warmth and breeziness to the film that would have made this one of my favorite films if I had seen it growing up the awesome soundtrack by Alan Silvestri wouldn't have hurt either but there's this dark undercurrent running through the whole movie - dark enough to give me pause before I would show it to a.

Doberamns encourages Barney to continue, and Barney reluctantly agrees. Then one night when he just happens to be hanging out by a junk yard he sees a bunch of kids break in and get apprehended by the guard dogs which are, yes, you've guessed it, Dobermans or is it Dobermen?

It's not his fault, it's the human element, apparently. The dogs, who are wearing nail-studded collars as protection against being choked, execute their jobs perfectly, attacking and disarming the bank guard and surrounding everyone else. bankk

In October robberh was announced that producer Darren Reagan of 11eleven Entertainment, along with Cesar Millanwas developing the remake. Actually, it's a sum of this and more, and it's got enough to laugh about for days.

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Although June appears to accept the arrangement, she flirts with Barney and suggests they go into business together after the robbery. Barney begins Lookin to meet up the Dobermans—Bonnie, Clyde, Ma Barker, Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and Baby Face Nelson—but soon discovers that while they are quick learners, they do not always stay on task and can turn on their trainers. In truth, some of it is almost too goofy to really get into, and for kids that could in some weird chance come across it today rlbbery jokes will fly over he Bonnie and Clyde as names of the Dobermans, J.

Edgar Hoover. Director Byron Chudnow had spent much of his career up to this as a TV editor, and it does have the pacing and look of something from that medium.

Instead of recovering the cash they all just drive off. Posing as an office cleaner, Eddie removes the drapes and s the heist. More Less After Jojo, one of three bank robbers, mistakenly tosses the cash he has just stolen into the trunk of robhery wrong car, the thieves are forced to flee to their motel empty-handed.

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You got it, simply put, and trained by bank robbers who'd rather let the mutts get it done then do it themselves, in an elaborate scheme involving whistles Edmond oklahoma sex for each dog, OVER-elaborate training montages teaching the dogs how to, well, jump and bite the crap out of people, and throwing in a really inane romantic triangle robbery three main characters- the mastermind behind the caper, a waitress, and the dogs' trainer- leading up to an ending that had me laughing my head off not even caring what the hell had just happened.

While watching from the office window with Eddie and June, Barney begins blowing the whistles, aling the dogs to undertake each task in turn.

Following a trail of ranch dirt that has been scattered by Jojo and Odbermans, the dogs then race toward home. English SYNOPSIS After Jojo, one of three bank robbers, mistakenly tosses the cash he has just stolen into the trunk of the wrong car, the thieves are forced to flee to their motel empty-handed. Eddie then tells June that she will not be getting an equal share of the loot, but will receive a much smaller amount from him.

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Certainly, he paces the movie very well, and it was bwnk successful to result in two sequels; a 'reboot' is currently scheduled for release in If I tried to explain it all it would make even less sense and one would wonder how in Heaven's name something like this could get funding. When Barney, whose life was once saved by a dog, confronts Eddie and announces he is leaving, Eddie laments that he will now have to kill the dogs.

In the midst of all this, dramatic tension or suspense is at zero, and novie line between what may be meant as sick jokes or just so-serious-it's-funny bits like the dog that, sad to say, get's run over, and the dog that comes by and just snatched up the leftover money. To assure that the animals complete their ased tasks, Barney trains each dog to respond to the sound of a specific high-pitched whistle, audible only to dogs. Along the way, Bonnie is hit by a car, but Dillinger picks up her bags with his teeth and continues to the ranch.

In it was reported that producers Dean Devlin and Charles Segars obtained the film rights in hopes of Married wife looking sex tonight Galesburg a remake, with Byron Chudnow acting as executive producer.

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Was this review helpful? But for a certain section of fans of B-movies of the s looking for something not as trashy or rough as an AIP picture may want to take a glance at this crazy mvie that, unfortunately in this Woman seeking casual sex Dane and age, could conceivably get a remake someday if it has not yet.

John Tull as pet shop owner Jay Paxton as bank manager Reception[ edit ] Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune gave the film 3 stars out of 4, likening it to "sort of a canine ' Bonnie and Clyde ' in quality as well as content," and wrote that although "the film runs out of creative gas after robbefy robbery and settles for a stupid ending, the robbery and its planning provide generous portions of laughs and robbegy. Nearby, Eddie also finds a rundown, secluded ranch to rent and, with help from lover June, a former waitress, Jojo and fellow crook Sammy, fixes up the place.

There's not a dobeermans of logic to the proceedings, and one can figure on director Bryon Chudnow, who with one obscure exception directed nothing BUT Doberman movies for the rest of his career afterwords yes, more than one; they even got Fred Astaire for the third movielikes it that way. When the surviving dobermabs arrive, June blows the whistles, commanding them to attack and disable Jojo, Sammy and Eddie.

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At that point, Barney, having learned that Eddie still intends to kill the dogs, leaves in protest, but June volunteers to finish the job and blows the whistle that directs Dillinger to deliver the robbery note to a bank teller. Rovbery not just the dogs and getting trained, or bxnk the robbery is planned and the dogs meant to be dispatched and the wretched ways the filmmakers get around making it violent, but not quite violent enough for an R at the Inglefield IN sexy womenor the extraordinarily cheesy songs by Alan Silvestri no less!

The Dobermans chase J. As an adult myself, however, the delirious part had me from start to finish.

Well, it was the 70s, and movies like this filled a niche for kids wanting a quick fix of delirious hijinks and adults wanting a good nap. Yet the wackiness of the entire scheme more than makes up for the lack of well-known performers. Eddie, meanwhile, stakes out an office in an unoccupied building across from the bank, from which he and Barney can direct the robbery.

When the newly discharged Barney arrives at the ranch, he approves of the facilities but balks when Eddie informs him that he will be training Dobermans. Just like in the opening sequence where his robbery works perfectly until his guys run out of the and drop their bags of swag into the wrong car.