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Phencyclidine drugs

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Harmful effects of pcp

Benzodiazepines are also the first-line treatment for PCP-induced hypertension and seizures. This means their mind is dependent on PCP. Journey1; Thomas P.

Airway effects of marijuana, cocaine, and other inhaled illicit agents. Rescuing the angel within: PCP-related selfenucleation.

These are substances that cause hallucinations. Moghaddam B, Adams BW.

At this time, there is no medicine that can help reduce the use of PCP by blocking its effects. A Washington D.

Recurrent, fluctuating symptoms can occur because PCP is fat-soluble and can be released from lipid stores and adipose tissue that can occur days to months after the initial use. Resources Resources that may help you on your road to recovery include: Partnership for drug-Free Kids -- drugfree. PCP is available in phencyclidinr variety of tablets, capsules, and colored powders, which are either smoked, taken orally or by the intranasal route "snorted". Olney JW.

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Milhorn HT. These symptoms can persist up to a year after they stop using PCP. Hallucinogens like PCP create altered states of perception and feeling. Scientists think it blocks the normal actions of certain brain chemicals.

The aim is to help you understand your behaviors and why you use PCP. Acute phencyclidine intoxication: clinical patterns, complications, and treatment. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. Massive venlafaxine overdose resulted in a false positive Abbott AxSYM urine immunoassay for phencyclidine.

Patients who are asymptomatic who present to the emergency department after PCP use should be observed for at least 6 hours before being discharged. These can be people you used PCP with.

Arch Neurol. In the s, PCP use became widespread. Schwartz RH, Einhorn A.

As a result, you may act strangely or become aggressive and violent. It produces both stimulation and depression of the CNS. Violent behavior is less common in children, which may explain the lack of mortality reported in children.

Using PCP for a long time can cause memory loss, thinking problems, and problems talking clearly, such as slurring words or stuttering. Repeated doses every 10 minutes may be required for adequate sedation.

Gastrointestinal decontamination is generally unnecessary in PCP ingestions; however, activated charcoal may be beneficial with a massive ingestion of PCP or a dangerous coingestion. Auditory hallucinations, image distortion, severe mood disorders, and amnesia may also occur.


The most disturbing behavioral effects of PCP are violent, aggressive and bizarre behavior with self-mutilation tendencies. Medicines may be used to treat withdrawal symptoms. Curr Opin Pulm Med.

Several of these visits included a combination of other drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine. Teens have a higher risk of developing a psychosis later on in life if they abuse PCP.


These are things that you see, hear, or feel while awake that appear to be real, but instead have been created by the mind. Activated charcoal--a phencyclidine antidote, or hog in dogs.

Psychoactive drugs. How is PCP used? Clin Toxicol.